Kail Lowry Reveals Where the Name ‘Isaac’ Came From

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Kail Lowry has made it no secret that she is an atheist and doesn’t believe in a higher power, so it’s odd that her son is named “Isaac.” Did she previously believe in God but recently change her beliefs? No, but she was a super fan of the 90’s pop band Hanson!

“We decided on Isaac because I liked the name from one of the Hanson brothers,” she told fans on her Tumblr page. Seems simple enough! Plus, that was the only name that her son’s father, Jo Rivera, would agree to. It’s definitely a nice name and if both parents agreed to it, that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, Hanson didn’t have much staying power and only lasted a few years in the spotlight, but that may be a good thing for little Isaac. Once he grows up, he might not love being tied to a boy band, but since they didn’t last it’s likely that no one will ever know.

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