Kail Lowry Rushes Dog to the Hospital

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Kail Lowry is an animal lover. She and her fiance Javi Marroquin are currently living with several pets including dogs, cats, a turtle, and more. Over the weekend, one of Kail’s dogs fell ill leading Kail to take him to the vet where they performed emergency surgery.

“My Bear Bear has a blockage & will need surgery if the meds don’t help it pass in the next 2 hours,” she tweeted on Saturday. Moments later, she added, “All we know is major blockage, vomiting & severe dehydration. The vet’s keeping him overnight.”

Unfortunately for Bear, the blockage didn’t pass and he was rushed into emergency surgery. “Pumpkin patch with Isaac & everyone until Bear gets out of surgery,” Kail tweeted. “Then headed back to the vet to see our fur baby.” Kail would have gone crazy waiting for him to come out of surgery so taking her son to the pumpkin patch was a great way to distract her and her family from the upsetting circumstances at hand.

Bear is now recovering but Kail has yet to find out what caused the blockage but she told fans he may have gotten into Mr. Potato Head! The poor pup has been through a lot in the past couple days. Hopefully, he’ll get well soon.

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