Kail Lowry To Donate Her Hair For Charity

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Kail Lowry is known for her long locks but the Teen Mom 2 star is getting ready to say goodbye to them — but it’s all for a good cause. Kail will be donating her hair for charity once it reaches a certain length, and she’s almost there. While it will be odd to see her change her look so drastically, she’s doing it for a great reason and that is admirable.

“Almost to my butt! Then we chop it off for donation,” Kail wrote on her Twitter account yesterday afternoon along with a photo of her hair. It’s really amazing to see how great of an example Kail is setting for young girls. Not only is she a hard worker and a great mom, she’s giving as well.

So many reality stars don’t make good use of their fame, but Kail Lowry continues to set herself apart from the masses. In addition to her charity work, Kail has also spoken out in support of the Beauty is Sizeless campaign which promotes self love at any size and she promotes safe sex and teen pregnancy prevention. Good for her!

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