Kail Lowry’s Mom Used To Call Her “Chunky Monkey”

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Kail Lowry didn’t have the best childhood. Her mother’s choice of nickname was particularly damaging to her self-esteem and led to her struggling with body issues during her teens. However, she is now more confident than she has ever been.

Kail’s mom, who fans saw go in and out of her life on Teen Mom 2, used to call her “chunky monkey.” What a terrible name to give your child. Did she have any idea how something like that can follow a child and cause self-esteem issues?

“I didn’t think it was funny then, and I definitely don’t now,” she said in a recent interview. Luckily, Kail is a strong, independent mommy and knows her worth—and she’s using her strong sense of self to help others!

Kail is now the spokesperson for the Beauty Is Sizeless campaign which encourages people realize their inner beauty and love themselves, regardless of their size. This mommy is truly an inspiration.

To keep up with Kail Lowry, follow her on Twitter. Teen Mom 2‘s third season will return later this year on MTV.

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