Kailyn Lowry Custody Battle: ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Putting Isaac First

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Kailyn Lowry and her husband, Javi Marroquin, just bought their dream house in Delaware and have been busy getting settled in to their new home. However, before they can be truly settled in, there is one order of business that needs to be taken care of and that is having the courts grant Kail’s request to move Isaac from Pennsylvania to Delaware. She has already revealed that she has had primary custody since Isaac was born, but she still needs the courts approval to move Isaac out of the state.

Obviously, many people feel that this is an open and shut case for the Teen Mom 2 star. She isn’t moving too far from Isaac’s dad, Jo Rivera, so while visitation would be altered, Jo would still get adequate time with his son. However, after hearing some fans stories of dealing with the same thing in Pennsylvania, she admitted that she was now starting to worry about her case.

After hearing that one woman was denied her request to move her child to an Army base in North Carolina, Kailyn said, “Wow, now I’m wondering what’s gona happen with our case. What judge did you have?? I’m sorry. :(“

Obviously, every relocation case in different and dependent on many factors. Just because some people are denied their requests, others have no problem being granted them. Kailyn also heard stories from fans from her area who have been granted their requests. At this point, it is just a matter of time.

When Isaac visits with Jo, he also gets to spend time with Jo’s parents. A fan inquired into the relationship that Jo Rivera’s mom has with Isaac, asking how strong the relationship is that she has with Isaac.

Jo’s mom, Janet, replied, “It’s not just a relationship it’s a bond I can’t explain I see him every week its all about Isaac.”

The fan then stated they felt that it was wrong the family was being torn apart by thousands of miles (when, in reality, it is actually LESS than a hundred miles.)

Since the initial relocation hearing, neither Jo nor anyone from his family has commented on the situation.

Kailyn Lowry has made it clear that, by moving Isaac out of Pennsylvania, she is not intending to severe any relationship that he has with his father. Rather, she is doing what she feels is best for her son. Some questioned her motives and asked what would happen when and if Javi Marroquin were to receive orders to another base, possibly overseas.

The Teen Mom 2 showed the utmost maturity saying, “no, there are specific places I would go but if its too far for Isaac and Jo I wouldn’t. it all depends on what’s best for the kids when that time comes.

It is amazing how well Kailyn is handling the situation, although inside she is likely a nervous wreck. She wants to do what is best for her family and acknowledges that she may not always be able to be with her husband. The fact that she is willing to put Isaac’s needs first speaks volumes to young parents who focus too much on themselves.

Some say MTV does not show the hardships of being a young parent, but in Kailyn’s case, they certainly do.

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