Kailyn Lowry Is Bipolar, Reveals What Else Fans Will Learn on the Show

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If MTV’s Teen Mom has taught viewers anything, it is that there is a lot that fans don’t see. For instance, most know that Jenelle Evans is bipolar and that has been one of her biggest obstacles. However, did you know that Kailyn Lowry is also bipolar?

That’s right, sweet and stable Kailyn actually has battled the disorder for a while (something that she inherited from her mom) and, it turns out, fans will actually see it play out on this season. She and Javi have an intense fight and she is embarrassed for her actions. It has already been reported that Kailyn has gone ahead and apologized to her fans in advance, but she is also proud of herself for admitting her flaws.

After the story broke, Kailyn retweeted (from her BFF Toni), “Proud of you @KailLowry. It takes courage to admit mistakes and talk about mental health. We both know it ain’t easy. #crazybffprobs

Of course, Kailyn’s fans love her because she is so mature and since she admitted this in such a mature manner, most of her fans will forgive her for the upcoming outburst on the show. In fact, this actually makes Kailyn an even better role model than she was before! Not only does she raise Isaac without support from her family, but she also works a regular job, and isn’t afraid to admit that she has some mental health issues. It is great that she isn’t ashamed of that. However, fans finding out that Kail is bipolar isn’t the only surprise of the season!

Fans may recall that, on the show, she just met a guy named Javi Marroquin who hopes to one day be a cop. However, those who follow the cast on Twitter know that the show is a little bit behind and that Javi has a career, but he isn’t a cop. No, he decided to join the Air Force. So what changed his mind? Kailyn informed fans that if they want to know, they will have to watch the show!

Viewers of Teen Mom 2 often complain that the show is too far behind. While it is true that what is being aired happened over a year ago, fans don’t know everything that is going to happen (even though they like to think they do!). MTV is still able to keep a few things quiet and the gossip sites aren’t always able to snag every secret story. So, if these are just two of Kailyn’s secrets for the season, just imagine what the season holds in store for Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, and Jenelle Evans!

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