Kailyn Lowry Vacations with Leah Messer, Meets her Idol

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Ever since the Teen Mom 2 season finale aired, Leah Messer hasn’t tweeted much. After fans watched the emotional divorce between her and Corey Simms play out, Leah was attacked via the social networking site and decided that, rather than let the haters get her down and leave Twitter (something that she did for a while) she would just use it for important updates.

However, there is another reason why she has remained quiet on the social networking site for the past few days – she’s on vacation! That’s right, Leah and her family decided to hit up the beach for a much needed family vacation, but it looks like another Teen Mom decided to tag along!

Kailyn Lowry and her boyfriend, Javi, are hitting up the Carolinas as well and on Tuesday night, they enjoyed dinner with Leah Messer and her husband, Jeremy Calvert. However, that isn’t the only reason that Kailyn is in South Carolina. She is also there to visit her sister (and she met a Britney Spears impersonator!)

While Kailyn and Javi are having a great time, Isaac stayed back in Pennsylvania, but he isn’t staying with who you may think. A fan asked if Isaac was staying with his dad, Jo, but Kailyn revealed that he is actually staying with Javi’s parents!

While some people may think that is strange, it actually shows how serious Kailyn and Javi are about each other. They have been dating for several months and while it is obvious that Isaac is comfortable around Javi, it appears that Isaac is also comfortable around Javi’s family which is good. It is great that they are willing to help out, too. Jo has a job outside of being a reality show star so he may not always be able to take off of work.

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