Kailyn Lowry’s Pregnancy Confirmed; Gender Guesses Revealed

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Last week, Javi Marroquin’s sister confirmed to InTouch magazine that her brother and his wife, Kailyn Lowry, were expecting a baby together. Typically, the Teen Mom stars aren’t allowed to leak this kind of information to the magazines themselves, so they often have a family member do it for them. Not only that, but Kailyn had her friend go to InTouch recently to reveal her and Javi’s wedding photo. Overall, the story is believable, especially since the two said they had exciting news to share with fans. Still, though, there hasn’t been any solid confirmation. On Monday night, however, some tweets popped up that seemed to confirm that Kailyn is indeed pregnant again.

A friend tweeted to Javi, “ps I saw a pic of your baby today! Baby girl! And I’m never wrong.”

The tweet is now gone, but screenshots captured by Fame Kingdom show that Javi did indeed respond and said, “hahaha Kail says she’s never wrong either. Hahah you think so?!”

The conversation went on a little and a lot of people seem to think that Kailyn is going to have a girl this time. It will be interesting if Kailyn and Javi decide to find out the gender of their baby, though. Some people like to wait until the baby is born, but others like the convenience of finding out so that it makes planning easier.

Fans are elated that Kailyn Lowry has found happiness with Javi Marroquin. The two have had their issues, but are now happily married and, apparently, ready to add to their family! Of course, there are those who will still wait until one of the two address the story directly and there isn’t anything wrong with that. With so many rumors being printed every week, it is easy to see why the girls sometimes stay quiet on things.

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