Kaley Cuoco Tweets Bikini Pictures

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Kaley Cuoco, the very attractive American actress best known for her role as Penny in ‘The Big Bang Theory’, leaves little to the imagination this week. It is definitely no secret that Kaley is a gorgeous girl with a killer body (that she works her butt off for!), but she rarely allows her fans to see her outside of her acting work. She isn’t typically spotted clubbing like other young Hollywood starlets, and she doesn’t make a point out of hitting up paparazzi hotspots for a day or night out on the town. Unfortunately for the men in America, Cuoco keeps to herself and keeps a low profile. Though you can definitely find some racy photos of her in Maxim and Cosmo from time to time, it is definitely not on a regular basis that she allows people to drool over her.

Well, times are definitely changing, as Kaley Cuoco recently posted a few photos on Twitter of her soaking up some Vitamin D in a tiny bikini. In all the pictures she was wearing an oversized Derby-style hat and showing off her toned body. She shows off her silly side in one photo, and then right after she is showing off her entire body laying out to suntan. Oh, just a typical Tuesday in Kaley’s world. It’s too bad for Johnny Galecki that their reconciliation rumors turned out to be false. But at least he still gets to work with her all year-long.

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