Kama Sutra Sex Video Found Inside Child’s Christmas Present

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A 9-year-old found a Kama Sutra sex video in her new DVD player she had just received as a Christmas present from her parents. Running into the living room, the girl exclaims, “There’s something nasty on the television.” Parents were shocked to find the sex video had arrived in the DVD players they had just purchased.

The New Mexico Kmart allegedly sold the couple a video player containing the Kama Sutra video. It is claimed the DVD player had been previously purchased and had been returned to the store containing the explicit DVD. However, the Kmart claims to be investigating the incident. Would it be possible an employee slipped the DVD into the player at the store? No one appears to have mentioned that angle.

“I try to keep my child innocent as long as possible,” said the child’s mother, “There’s a time and a place for that, but not 9 years old.” The mother also said the store should have checked the video. She did not seem convinced the video had been a returned item. It is not clear if the player was sold as new or a returned item.

To some, it may seem the parents and the company are both responsible for the child seeing the Kama Sutra sex video. Why did the parents let the child use the player alone the first time? It would seem normal for parents to check such a device first. Stores all too often are guilty of selling returned merchandise as new and unchecked.

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