Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week (Photo)

Kanye West is at Paris Fashion Week checking out the latest and greatest designs for Fall and Winter at the Balmain Ready-to-Wear fashion show on Thursday. Kanye wasn’t Kanye Westjust in attendance to take a peek at the new line though. There are rumors that Balmain is going to create West’s costumes for his upcoming tour.

Kanye arrived at Paris Fashion Week in a gray T-shirt, black slacks, high top sneakers and a red leather jacket that was reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s younger days. The jacket had an assortment of vertical gold zippers and chains. It also had the signature member’s only jacket look. West topped off his outfit with a pair of black glasses and a gold necklace.

Hopefully, Kanye West found what he was looking for while in Paris. Fashion Week is a week filled with glamour, intensity, and excitement. There are very few people who get to actually attend the shows so Kanye was a very lucky boy. It definitely pays to be a mega-star!


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Photo Credit: Rap-Up.com

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