Kanye West: I Smell A Bad P.R. Move

I know most of you were probably taken aback…even disgusted by Kanye West’s behavior last night when Taylor Swift received her VMA award on the MTV awards. Even Beyonce, the subject of West’s admiration, looked stunned at his outrageous behavior. Will he be banned from future VMA shows for his ridiculously rude behavior? Probably not…his punishment? An escort out of the building and a day as the most googled name in America.

I have just learned that Kayne West is (and has been) scheduled to be one of the first guests on the debut of the new Jay Leno show. Leno’s first prime-time show airs in just over an hour (EST) and has been hyped like few others shows this fall. I’m a Leno fan and I was looking forward to the show. Now that I learn West is the featured guest, I’m skipping it.

Does anyone other than me think perhaps this is just another Kanye stunt for publicity? And the sad thing is that he will get lots of mileage out of this.

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