Kanye West Not Fan of “Beef Flavored Pineapples”

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Poor Kanye West. The sometimes controversial recording artist was the “victim” of poorly prepared room service breakfast on Sunday. West shared the following lament with his Twitter followers:

“Room service uuuuugh! I hate when I order fruit and I can taste the other food they cut with the same knife. Beef flavored pineapples”

Sounds less than appealing doesnÂ’t it? Good thing KanyeÂ’s not a practicing vegan.

West did not mention what hotel he was staying at, most likely for privacy reasons. Still, with over 2 million Twitter followers, it stands to reason that his displeasure will get back to the powers-that-be, and the situation will be rectified.

Of course, the beef flavored pineapple experience could end up spawning a new breakfast craze. Can’t you just see it now—McDonald’s new, limited time “Kanye West Beef-flavored Pineapple Bites Breakfast”? Yummy. This could be the next “Spaghetti Taco” (a la iCarly).

What do you think of the Kanye West beef flavored pineapple debacle? Do you think that pineapple and beef make a good combo? Or, do you think West was right to be disgusted by the taste?

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