Kanye West Swoons Kim Kardashian with Song Dedication!

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Kanye West is a romantic at heart. Talk about a smooth operator, taking his own concert hostage and serenading his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, in front of a bunch of people who bought tickets.

That’s right, rapper Kanye West decided to make a scene during his own concert (Taylor Swift knows a little about this) by performing his song “Cold” as a serenade directed at Kim Kardashian. It was as if no one else was in the room. Gag!

“I admit I fell in love with Kim,” rapped Kanye West. How sweet… as in icky sweet. So, is this all for show? Goodness, it wasn’t as if Kris Humphries could stop a basketball game or Reggie Bush a football game and profess their love to Kim Kardashian, right? No, Kanye has a microphone in his hand and all eyes on him. This is the kind of attention that Kim K. seems to relish… until she finds a stage that is bigger and better.

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