Kanye West Tells Kim Kardashian: ‘Settle Kris Humphries Divorce or We’re Through!’

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Earlier this week, there was a report that Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries might not be finalized until the end of the year. But if Kanye West gets his way, the divorce could happen much sooner!

According to Life & Style, Yeezy is pressuring her to give Kris whatever he wants — so that Kanye and Kim will be free to marry!

“Kanye wants to marry Kim, and he’s telling her to expedite the divorce so they can start their future,” a “source close to Kim” dishes to the mag. “Kanye’s like, ‘Just do whatever you need to do to make it go away.'”

A quickie divorce would cost Kim $7 million (which Kris is supposedly demanding), as well as an admission that she only married him for “fame and money” (which should be obvious to everyone by now). Kim has been dead-set against giving Kris anything beyond what their prenup stipulates but is “starting to come around to Kanye’s way of thinking” — now that Yeezy has threatened to dump her!

“Kanye’s not a patient man,” the source hilariously tells Life & Style (via HollywoodLife.com) in the understatement of the year. “He’s used to getting what he wants — so Kim runs the risk that he will tire of waiting for her and move on.”

Ultimatums usually don’t work too well. But Kanye is apparently so desperate to elope with Kim to Paris that “this delay is driving him crazy.”

“As things get more and more intense and comfortable, both Kim and Kanye hate being apart,” Life & Style‘s source says. “And as they grow closer, Kanye’s desire to marry Kim — and hers to be married to him — keeps getting stronger.”

If Kanye has really been in love with and pining over Kim for all these years like the Kardashians keep telling the press, then surely he can wait another few months to get married. But hopefully he can talk her into settling with Kris. The divorce dragging out this long is ridiculous, and considering everyone already knows Kim didn’t marry Kris for love, her actually admitting it won’t be any kind of surprise. If Kanye can get Kim to read Nietzsche, he can get her to do anything, so he needs to make the divorce happen already.

What do you think? Has Kanye West given Kim Kardashian an ultimatum? When will her divorce from Kris Humphries be finalized? Sound off in the comments!

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