Kara DioGuardi fired from American Idol?

There is more news flying around today from the hit show, American Idol. TMZ has reported that song-writer judge, Kara DioGuardi was let go. On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres made an announcement that she is leaving the show. What is going on here?

With DeGeneres and DioGuardi gone, who is going to be part of the panel now along side Randy Jackson? According to TMZ, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are in as judges for the tenth season of Idol. Thus taking the show back to the three judge format like the early days.

The show is still going through finalizing all the details of the changes that are going to be made to the show. Time will tell of who is really in and who is out. For more information on J-Lo being a new judge on American Idol, check out Deadline.com.

Just more surprising news after the other. First Ellen leaves, Kara gets fired and now Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler might be a judges? Seems like anything goes right now with the show. J-Lo would be a nice touch to the show. Kinda in the same way Paula Abdul was. What Do you think?

Article source: The Los Angeles Times

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19 July 2010 - Hollywood, CA - Kara DioGuardi. 2010 VH1 Do Something Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium. Photo Credit: T. Conrad/AdMedia

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