Kara Nichols Update: Detectives Make Strange Comments

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Is Kara Nichols dead or is she alive? The way investigators are treating some of the latest updates in her case, it’s hard to know one way or the other. They are disregarding the escort advertisements posted in Las Vegas on November 25th, claiming that someone else used the missing teen’s likeness. This was speculated as a possibility when the story broke here on Gather News (and Examiner.com)

Officials claim they have talked with officials here in Las Vegas, but claim that they “confirmed her photos were used by someone else.” It’s being stressed that Kara is a social person who always uses Facebook and her cellphone. But since her disappearance, neither of these things have been touched by the woman. This ordinarily indicates that a missing person is no longer alive — or they are being kept in isolated activity. Which one of these theories could be responsible for Kara’s silence?

Lt. Kramer of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office made comments that are perplexing. In regards to the prostitution advertisements that were posted with Kara’s details, he said the following:

“The date of those postings are well after her disappearance.”

Well, ya think? It’s been circulated in the media that she could be the victim of a human exploitation ring — i.e. human trafficking — i.e. an underground prostitution ring. The media (and public) have been operating under the idea that Kara Nichols is alive and a victim of a crime ring — so wouldn’t any activity prior to her last sighting be construed as evidence that she is alive and still involved in said ring? What is Lt. Kramer getting at with these comments?

It’s been revealed that one of the brunette women associated with Kara has been found and questioned — but which one is remaining a mystery to the public. Police aren’t releasing the details of the woman’s identity — but could she be any of the women in the ads connected to Kara’s? While police say the Las Vegas ad isn’t hers, what about these early ones from Colorado? The phone number (719) 505-6938 is connected to several other young women who are allegedly selling their services. There is more than one blonde, and there is more than one brunette — and they are all under the same phone number.

So do officials have a reason to believe that there wouldn’t be any of this kind of activity following Kara’s disappearance? What does the public not know about Kara’s disappearance? Do they believe she’s still alive, or not?

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