Kara Nichols Update: Las Vegas Prostitution Ad Surfaces

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Breaking Update: Is missing teen Kara Nichols a prostitute in Las Vegas? Some disturbing advertisements were posted on two different websites in the early morning hours of November 25th as well as an ad from September in Denver, Colorado. These two advertisements offer a shocking look into the activity of the missing woman — and she may or may not be a willing participant in this behavior. Police in Colorado have already acknowledged that she could have fallen victim to a crime ring that exploits young up-and-coming models.

The photos of the posts can be found here and here, but the posts themselves can be found here and here (until they are removed, if they are removed.) It’s clear that somebody has used these images of Kara Nichols at least twice to advertise prostitution services—at least once in Denver, Colorado as “Naomi” and at least once in Las Vegas, today, as “Star.” So either someone is stealing and using these photos as a “bait and switch” around the country (because she is quite attractive), or she is traveling around and selling her body either willingly or unwillingly.

There is also the possibility that this is all an ugly prank being played by trolls online, which is something that needs to be investigated. However, it doesn’t seem likely that this is a prank with the mysterious brunette being sought by police posted an advertisement as well, which is screenshot here and linked here.

Do you think Kara is a willing person in this, or are these two women unwilling participants in a sex ring? This is shocking information that makes the case all the more mysterious — and frightening. This is a breaking report, and more details will be provided as they are uncovered.

Photos: Chelsea Hoffman/Flickr

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