Kardashian Christmas Card Is Worse Than Last Year!

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The Kardashian’s have released their 2011 Christmas card. It is just as stoic as their 2010 portrait, and it looks quite strange. The entire family is dressed in black and white, except for mom, Kris Jenner, who is wearing a sparkly blue number. Perhaps the most noticeable downfall is that no one is smiling! Hello?! It’s Christmas!

While one may look aFile:Kris Jenner.jpgt the photo as artwork, it really doesn’t showcase the fun side of this brood. Sure everyone is dressed in high-fashion pieces, but their distant stares and pant-suits make it a very un-jolly Christmas. While the men look somewhat dapper in their tuxedos, the women look unhappy and bland—which is not very Kardashian-like.

Poor little Mason (who is cute no matter what) isn’t even smiling, and that’s definitely not how a little kid should be when celebrating Christmas! This card doesn’t even look the least bit cheery and it’s actually kind of depressing. They all look like they just came from a funeral!

What do you think of the card?

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