Kardashian Magazine Could Affect Celebrity Tabloids

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Just when you thought Kim, Khloe and Kourtney had done it all, the Kardashian magazine idea is pitched to the world. And while fans are ecstatic about the idea, the people who are working hard on the boycott campaign see yet another uphill battle to get the family out of the media spotlight.

But there is a group that would prefer that this new magazine doesn’t see the light of day. Magazine experts believe that the magazine’s presence on the market would severely hurt tabloid magazines on the market because people would rather buy the information directly from the source. And some tabloids have bad reputations because they are known for ‘spinning’ the truth slightly to make news more dramatic; these would definitely suffer.

One editor is really worried about the magazine. “The Kardashian stories sell our magazine,” the editor shared. “If they stop giving them to us and they have all the exclusive Kardashian news every week, it would be devastating for us.” And since the family is known for gracing magazine covers more often than not, a magazine solely about the popular family could hurt sales for large tabloids.

“It makes sense for them to say, ‘We should keep the dollars and tell our stories’ instead of sharing our brand with these other magazines,'” says media analyst Brad Adgate of Horizon Media. And the family is known for making money, so saving where they can, should be part of the strategic business plan.

Would you stop buying your favorite tabloid magazine in favor of the magazine should it hit the shelves soon?

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