Kardashians Not Allowed to Film Show in South Beach

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The Kardashians are not used to being told what they can and can’t do. This reality TV family usually gets what they want no matter what. They are now filming Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and they were told they can’t film in South Beach or even live there while filming the show.

According to Radar Online, they wanted to rent a home in South Beach to live in while filming the show. Neighbors were not happy about this idea and fought it until they were able to get them banned from living in the area. Do you think this is a bit much?

They would actually need 90 percent of the neighbors to want Kim and Kourtney there before it could be approved. They are not going to be able to get the signatures needed to move into the area. It sounds like the idea of reality TV cameras everywhere is not appealing at all. It would invade privacy plus possibly get you to end up on television.

They ended up finding somewhere else to live that was about 14 miles away. It is on North Miami Beach which is not really the area they were hoping for when they moved to Miami.

They have already started filming the show. Are you going to watch Kourtney and Kim Take Miami?

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