Kari Ann gets booted from Sex Rehab

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It’s obvious now that Kari Ann should have been sent on her way long time ago. It is also obvious to me that she needs more than sex rehab. She refused to abide by the rules by not going to daily group therapy in the mornings and using the phone after hours. She was also lazy , rude, disrespectful, very aggressive adn controlling. Instead of her listening to the administrative staff, Dr. Drew and the Recovery staff she demanded that they listen to her. She was very demanding more like telling them what to do and if they didn’t move fast enough she would say-NOW, as if they were her children.

Dr. Drew offered her a higher level of help but she refused.

“I cant wait to go home and masterbate and do drugs”. Kari Ann said to one of the attendees.

Ontop of that on her way out she threw a liquid beverage that looked like water on Shelly one of the facility workers. I sure hope Kari An gets the help she needs because Sex rehab is just a small piece of her problems!

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