Karrueche Caught Kissing Mystery Man–Chris Brown Who?

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People who think Karrueche Tran is sitting home pining and whining over Chris Brown should look again. On October 8, Mr. Breezy’s cast-off paramour was spotted in a club kissing another guy who name remains unrevealed. She looked like she was not only moving on but also having a ball. Who says there’s no life after CB?

Yes, on October 8, Rihanna’s suddenly single nemesis was out clubbing with friends, and apparently having a good time doing it. Her friend, J. Mad, Tweeted a cute pic of La Tran cozying up with a mystery man.

“Love & Happiness #GreatTimes,” proclaimed the photo’s caption.

Well, it’s nice to know La Tran is O.K. and not wasting any thought processes on CB. In fact, judging by Mad’s Tweeted photo, Tran has forgotten the felon already. Or has she?

As is their custom, Hollywood Life conducted a poll, asking a single question: Do you think Karrueche is over Chris? Sadly, only a paltry 37 percent responded “Yes.” No one was undecided.

You can see the pic of La Tran with last night’s mystery guy by clicking here. What do you think?

Photo source: Zimbio

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