Karrueche Leaves Chris Brown in NYC–Is It Over?

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Chris Brown and Rihanna may finally be free to pursue their twisted–er–complicated romance in public, unencumbered by his other girlfriend, the long-suffering but apparently now fed-up Karrueche Tran. It seems La Tran was a tad upset after learning “her” man had hooked up in a club bathroom with his über famous, “Umbrella”-singing ex. She was, in fact, mad as hell, and this time, she didn’t take it. She jumped a jet and took off leaving CB in New York. But not before she and Mr. Breezy reportedly, “had a huge fight.” Yikes, if that’s true, her face might not be exactly camera-ready for a while.

Yes, Karrueche finally got fed up after CB reportedly hooked up with Rihanna for two consecutive nights. Then on October 3, Tran suddenly posted a Rihanna-like cryptic message on Twitter. Her tweet consisted of a just two words.

“Take off,” Karrueche wrote.

According to Hollywood Life, Chris and RihRih hooked up at her hotel one more time after their infamous bathroom tryst. Afterwards, he returned to Karrueche at the Trump Soho Hotel–or at least he tried to.

“The two had yet another fight,” tattled a source. “Chris keeps telling Karrueche he isn’t cheating on her, but she just doesn’t believe him. She is very angry at herself for getting into this situation. Karrueche truly believes that if Rihanna would leave Chris alone, they wouldn’t have any problems.”


“Chris was sited coming into the hotel last night,” revealed an eyewitness. “Karrueche…was just picked up to head to the airport. But Chris is not staying here. He is staying somewhere extremely unexpected and under the radar.”

So, the plot thickens. Has the beleaguered Karrueche Tran finally kicked the notorious Mr. Breezy to the curb? Will the lovesick Rihanna finally be able to have her “Birthday Cake” all to herself and this time, manage to keep her teeth? Or will Chris Brown do both these women and the world a favor and finally go away?

Stay tuned.

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