Karrueche Threatens Chris Brown?

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Poor Chris Brown. Just when it seemed things were looking up for Mr. Breezy, trouble reared its ugly head. After kicking his long-suffering lady-love, Karrueche Tran to the curb on October 4, CB announced he was going to concentrate on his “friendship” with Rihanna. Right. Anyway, that should have been, as the old saying goes, that. But, no. Karrueche just had to get all hysterical and vengeful like a character in an old Victorian melodrama. Women scorned. Can’t live with them, can’t punch them in the face. Well, actually he could have…, but now she’s already moved out. It’s too late.

Yes, rumor has it that Karrueche Tran is mad as hell at CB for dumping and humiliating her. So “devastated” is La Tran, that, she’s threatening him with legal action. No, not a lawsuit. She’s threatening to spill secrets to the authorities that could get his probation revoked. Ouch. But is this true?

“Kae doesn’t deserve to be treated like this . . . after all she’s done for Chris,” revealed an inside source. “If she wanted to she could open her mouth and get him violated tomorrow.”

According to Media Take Out, the source, who is reportedly one of Karrueche’s BFFs, “went into detail about an incident with Chris Brown” that for some reason could not be repeated. Nevertheless, CB’s unmentionable sin is so reprehensible that it could get him into “very hot water with …the authorities.”

Yikes. If all that’s true, looks like Mr. Breezy had better start apologizing.

While CB certainly deserves neither pity nor consideration, maybe Karrueche should just let this go. After all, she spent two years with the felon, and her teeth are still intact. She should thank him for dumping her before things got drastic. Furthermore, prior to hooking up with the woman beater, Karrueche Tran was an anonymous model. Now the whole world knows her name. Count your blessings, Honey. Give thanks to God your model features are still marketable. And move on.

Just saying.

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