Karrueche Who? Rihanna Smoking Marijuana in Hawaii to Forget Chris Brown Drama?

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What Chris Brown and Karrueche girlfriend drama? Rihanna doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about whether her ex has or hasn’t chosen anyone over her. In fact, she looks pretty relaxed as she enjoys a nice vacation in Hawaii. Is she getting in touch with her inner zen? Possibly not. Photos show her smoking a blunt that really does look an awful lot like marijuana. Is it? There’s no way to know, but gee, that sure would explain her serene expression, now wouldn’t it?

The British newspaper the Daily Mail published photos of Rihanna puffing away on a “suspicious” rolled cigarette as she chilled on a lounge chair outside. Earlier in the day, the singer tweeted a line referring to a Drake song (“Up All Night”), saying, “Kush rolled, glass full… I prefer the better things!” One sure has to wonder what’s in that blunt she’s so raptly puffing away on. Isn’t smoking pot still illegal?!

Fans, what do you think? Is Rihanna simply having a rolled-up cigarette, or is she getting stoned out of her mind to forget all her cares (including the Chris Brown situation)?

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