Kat Dennings Naked Photos and Jessica Alba Topless Pics Surface Online

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Jessica Alba is considered a modern day Goddess to many men.  Then there’s Kat Dennings.  If you haven’t heard of Kat Dennings yet, you’re not alone.  She’s the star of a movie many people haven’t heard of either, called “Daydream Nation.”  However, recent Kat Dennings naked photos have started to make a name for this relatively unknown actress, while Jessica Alba topless pics coincidentally have surfaced as well.  Both have made for a happy website receiving a ton of views over these alleged pics.

Photo by: Quasar/starmaxinc.com 2010 10/18/10 Kat Dennings at Elle Magazine''s 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Gala. (Beverly Hills, CA) Photo via Newscom

The Kat Dennings naked photos came from website Fleshbot earlier, and according to the editor for the site the pics, although grainy, are the real deal.  Jessica Alba was also apparently featured in topless shots on the site as well.  Not bad to have your name dropped along with Alba’s at least huh?  It appears the editor of the site believes Alba’s pictures were during pregnancy, while Kat’s were of a different nature.

According to E! Online, the editor of Fleshbot, Lux Alptraum said of Kat’s photos:

“Kat’s look like they were taken for her own pleasure or to send to someone else, obviously we don’t know who. We just care in this case because they’re celebrities who haven’t done nude scenes.”

In the “Daydream Nation” film Kat Dennings will be playing the role of a teenager who moves into a town where a serial killer lives.  She ends up in a love triangle and a big mess ensues.  Sounds like it’s Oscar-worthy right?

To her credit, Kat Dennings has starred in a couple movies people might have seen.  One is “40-Year-Old Virgin” and the other is “Big Momma’s House 2.”  The movie which may help her career along arrives next year with the superhero flick “Thor” where she’ll play Darcy.  

While she hasn’t been propelled into superstar status, it never hurts to have one of those so-called promiscuous video tapes or nude photes leaked online.  Those get the internet buzzing and people noticing.  Fleshbot’s editor has said the webpage they have featuring her photos (along with Jessica Alba’s) is nearing the 100,000 view mark.

It’s a shame that many wannabe actresses go that route, but in the case of many it’s their best bet.  We can at least be thankful that she’s pursuing her dream of acting and that so far the roles have been semi-legit, rather than porn or strip club work.  As for Alba, there’s an obvious fascination online for many to see her in the buff, mainly because the actress has consistently refused to appear naked on screen.  In one of her more recent films, “Machete” Alba does a naked shower scene, but it’s not quite naked.

Until Kat Dennings and Jessica Alba confirm these pics, they will be hard to believe, but people will continue to speculate and view, bringing plenty of attention to a website and the actresses.


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