Kat von d Speaks out About Jesse James Sex Comments

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Kat von d addressed Jesse James recent comments on the Howard Stern show via her Facebook page. What Kat von d had to say was surprising and although she supports James in his endeavors, she doesn’t always agree with them.

The LA Ink star appears as a very strong and independent woman in the recent letter she wrote to her fans. She does say that after listening to James’ interview on Howard Stern that she had some thoughts of her own on the comments, but she believes James did not intentionally set out to hurt anyone with what he said.

When Jesse said that Kat von d was 100% better in bed than his ex-wife, Sandra Bullock, Kat believes that James was just trying to dodge some very racy questions that Stern tossed his way. Kat writes on her Facebook page that she can support James without agreeing with everything he says or does.

Kat von d is a true ally of James, but she has to see that the comments he made on Stern were not only degrading to Sandra Bullock, but also to her. He is comparing his sexual satisfaction level between two women, one of them being Kat. This was not a smart move for James considering his already tarnished reputation.

While James wanted to write his new book, “Jesse James – American Outlaw,” Kat told him that he didn’t need to do this. She expressed that she thought that James didn’t need to write the book. May be Kat saw this coming, all the hoop-la around the book and James’ off the cuff comments while touring through the media venues?

James’ book also violated Sandra Bullock’s privacy once again when he writes about her “sobbing” when he confessed to her that he cheated on her. This was one of the hardest things Bullock will ever go through and now he adds insult to injury by making this private conversation public in his book.

Kat von d did a good job in this letter by distancing herself from James’ action without actually leaving his side. As a woman, deep down Kat has to know that James’ words were that of an ignorant person with very little respect for the women in his life. Howard Stern incited or not, James showed his true self once again.

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