Kat von d’s ‘LA Ink’ Finale – Will She Regret This Move?

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Kat von d’s last episode ever of LA Ink aired this week and it summed up her plans with Jesse James. Kat’s concession of moving to Austin was a big one, but will she end up regretting giving up so much for the love of a man?

When Kat conveyed to her fans that she decided to end LA Ink, disappointment set in, as this show had so much more to offer than watching people inking permanent designs on skin. Kat’s personality draws people in and her ideals in life present what many would call the “perfect working environment.”

Kat von d and the cast was like viewing the interactions of a family, a different kind of family, but a family never the less. The tattooed artwork was amazing, but for many the infatuation was watching a work environment that seemed to click.

LA Ink was far from its way out, and had many miles left to go before a trade-in needed to happen, but Kat cut its life short. The reason was clear in the finale, as Jesse and Kat got together in Austin to start their new life together. Kat is setting up shop in Austin “temporarily” to ink some new tattoo’s for her latest book, which is something she could have done in LA.

Some think that the next move is a Kat and Jesse reality show, according to AV Club.com. Both have reality show entertainment running through their veins, with Jesse James’ Monster Garage popular a few years back and of course Kat’s LA Ink, which is her claim to fame.

It wasn’t an easy decision for the tattoo diva, as she’s seen crying on camera over the decisions she needed to make. While true love comes around once in a lifetime, so they say, making compromises comes along with that. All the compromises seem to fall to Kat, with the move and starting over in a new tattoo shop.

Hopefully this is a relationship that Kat and Jesse will be in for the rest of their lives and the move to Austin turns out successful for Kat. Let’s hope she is as happy there as she seemed in her LA Ink setting with all the people she loved around her.

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