Kate Beckinsale Nude Movie Scene May Happen, Actress Talks Naked Truth

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A Kate Beckinsale nude movie scene just might happen, as the actress recently revealed her naked truth about the possibility. However, in order for her to bare it all on film, she’ll need it to be a certain way.

The lovely Kate Beckinsale (pictured), who has starred in a variety of movies including Underworld and Van Helsing, recently talked to Redbook magazine about a variety of topics including nudity. In an excerpt of what she told them from the January 2012 issue, Kate said of appearing nude in a movie:

I think it’s worse nowadays, because you do something [like a nude scene] and somebody immediately makes a five-times as long feature on YouTube to rock music, and they play it over and over again.

… I’m not averse to doing a nude scene, but it would have to be something I felt I could really argue in front of my daughter, and so far that hasn’t happened.

The daughter that Kate speaks of is Lily, who is age 12. Kate Beckinsale had her with ex-husband Michael Sheen and is currently married to Len Wiseman, who directed Underworld. It’s noble that Kate wants to make sure whatever she does that shows off her naked self will be something her daughter won’t be humiliated by (or hate her for).

Kate Beckinsale has yet to appear naked in a movie, but it seems like a nude scene is a possibility. Most actresses who haven’t bared it all on the big screen say a similar thing about keeping the role respectable. However, there’s been all sorts of roles that were critically acclaimed, despite the type of character being played. Just look at the ugly serial killer that the gorgeous Charlize Theron played in Monster. Kate Beckinsale could certainly find a great role to express her naked ambitions!

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