Kate Gosselin: 20 Minutes Late.. Again!

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Kate Gosselin took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to complain about getting her kids off to school. Upon returning from the bus stop, Gosselin made a point of stopping by Twitter to say that she was already behind in her day.

Now why would Kate have done that, you might ask!

Kate tweeted, “If u were here now youd c me:in my pjs just back from bus stop,2nd coffee in hand,&a moment by moment list that Im alrdy 20 min behind on!” sic

Hold the presses. Gosselin, who had already complained about kid drama was now looking for a little sympathy, complaining that she was 20 minutes behind in her daily schedule. Perhaps what Kate Gosselin needs here is an intervention. Maybe she is addicted to Twitter.

If Kate could shave a couple of minutes off her social media time, perhaps she would get more accomplished and better stay on her own strict schedule, or at least find time to put on something other than her PJs when she is walking her kids to the bus stop. It is just a thought!

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