Kate Gosselin Accused of Mistreating Pets

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Kate Gosselin may have beaten and starved her two German Shepherds, according to a friend of ex-husband Jon, who wants the world to know the sordid truth about the reality show mother.

If this story is true, and there is every reason to doubt its veracity, this could spell major trouble for Kate. It’s one thing to be whiny and selfish and vapid. Americans can handle that. However, people are never forgiving when it comes to the abuse of defenseless animals.

Jon’s journalist pal, Robert Hoffman, is claiming that in 2009 Kate allowed the family’s two German Shepherds to live in disgusting conditions, and even struck the poor pooches.

“Jon would return to find (the dog cages) filled with urine, poop and puke. I saw vomit in them,” Hoffman said. “She would knock (the dogs) over the head and yell. After a while, Kate began to fear she’d be attacked, so she sent the dog back to the breeder.”

Do you believe this account? Do you think Kate Gosselin is capable of beating and starving her pets? Did she adopt the animals just for the purposes of the television show, and never really wanted them to begin with?

This Hoffman fellow could very well be lying, after all. For one thing, he’s friends with Jon Gosselin, who was humiliated publicly by Kate. In addition, Hoffman wants to sell his new book about Kate, so what better way than to make up salacious stories about her?

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