Kate Gosselin Aims to Teach Author Valuable Lesson

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Kate Gosselin aims to teach author Robert Hoffman a valuable lesson. Hoffman wrote an e-book about the former Kate Plus Eight star but lawyers on her side are getting the best of him with their recent moves.

According to a report from RadarOnline, all the derogatory comments Robert Hoffman made about Kate have disappeared from his anti-Kate website. It sounds like her lawyers are doing a great job of putting this guy in his place.

Kate GosselinIn Hoffman’s e-book, which incidentally was removed from Amazon.com, he accuses Kate of beating her children, tormenting the family dogs and touts Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend’s parenting skills over Kate’s. Legal action was threatened if Hoffman didn’t remove the comments from his site, but he neglected to do anything about it. A legal team hired by TLC is representing Kate and they had the comments removed despite Hoffman’s lack of action.

Hoffman was clearly caught off guard.

“I honestly don’t know anything yet (about the situation),” he said Tuesday. He was “waiting for an explanation” as to what exactly took place.

Looks like Kate Gosselin has won this round against author Robert Hoffman. Aside from creating a name for himself as a huge bully, can you see that he is gaining anything from this scathing book her wrote about the former Jon & Kate Plus Eight star?

Of course he is making money for all these interviews–so he’s earning some money. Still his book is no doubt going to bomb.

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