Kate Gosselin Alleged Child Abuse: Who Is Robert Hoffman?

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Recently, some shocking allegations regarding Kate Gosselin and her parenting came to light. As much as Kate haters would love to use this to justify their disdain for the mother of eight, isn’t it fair to look into the rumors before accepting them as fact?

The folks over at Radar Online thought so and stumbled upon a site which, thanks to some investigative reporting, was able to dig up the truth on this “Robert Hoffman” who is shopping a tell-all book about Kate and her less than impressive parenting ways. Unfortunately, the site isn’t discounting the claims, but rather the person who made them.

As it turns out, Robert Hoffman is a former journalist who, after losing his job with a paper in Wernersville, was picked up by Us Weekly to feed them information about the Gosselin’s. He was not alone, though, and another former employee of the same paper that had fired Hoffman also teamed up with him. The two planned on writing a tell-all book about the Gosselin’s from the beginning.

Hoffman was able to forge a friendship with Jon and obtain some insider information. However, the Small Town Gosselin site questions Hoffman’s motives. Is he sharing his “insider information” because he is concerned for the eight children or because he sees dollar signs? They also point out instances where Hoffman exaggerated claims about the Gosselin’s in the past so, who is to say he would not do so again? Radar Online questions if, perhaps, Jon Gosselin has something to do with Robert Hoffman’s book given their friendship.

In the end, this entire story seems to be a huge mess. Is Kate Gosselin mother of the year? Not exactly, but if these allegations (which include Kate using a wooden spoon to hit her children) are false or exaggerated, she certainly deserves to have that come to light. If these allegations are true, though (and Jon Gosselin did indeed know), why has something not been done? Certainly Jon would have made these allegations known during the divorce.

What do you think is the truth?

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