Kate Gosselin and Her Butt Gets Stopped By ‘Fashion Police’

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This weekend, Kate Gosselin was examined by the Fashion Police who took her tush to task while the reality show veteran was taking a jog.

In a segment of the E! Entertainment show called “Guess Me From Behind,” a blonde on the run was shown on a big screen so all the fashion arbiters present could take a guess as to who that athletic person was.

Of course, Joan Rivers had to make a joke about the whole situation so she said that the person pictured was Nancy Grace and that Grace was “chasing an ambulance.”

Ha ha.

Meanwhile, George Kotsiopoulos said he thought it might be Gwyneth Paltrow who was working out on the road while Kimora Lee Simmons, sitting in for Giuliani Rancic on Fashion Police, said it was not Gwyneth, nor was it Charlize Theron, because these two women were too blonde to be the mystery runner.

To be sure, all these guesses didn’t even remotely find the right track for this particular game. So, when Kate Gosselin was revealed as the person who was in the picture, the Fashion Police arbiters perhaps unwittingly gave her a big fat compliment by comparing this working mom’s butt to those of others far more famous than this parent to 8 kids will likely ever be.

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