Kate Gosselin and Kate Middleton Make Memorable Moments 2011 List

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Although Kate Gosselin no longer has her own television show, she still has a lot of fans. She connects with them through Twitter almost daily and keeps the world up to speed on both her life and the life of her children through her new website Kateplusmy8.com. Despite having fans, she also has a lot of “haters.” Because of that, she made the Washington Post Entertainment Blog’s list of Memorable Celebrity and Pop Culture Moments of 2011.

Many of Kate’s haters relished in the cancelling of her TLC show Kate Plus 8. The blog called it the “Kate moment that provided the most schadenfreude.” Schadenfreude, in short, means “pleasure from one’s misfortune” and that does indeed ring true in this event. Kate continues to be criticized for the things that she chooses to do.

However, the list did contain some high moments, including the “Kate moment that provided the least schadenfreude.” This moment had nothing to do with Kate Gosselin or any Kate from America for that matter! Rather, it highlighted the wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. The wedding captivated not only those in the United Kingdom, but all over the world.

Both of these Kates made news this year for completely different reasons and continue to captivate the public for (again) completely different reasons. Will the public continue to be just as intrigued with them in 2012?

You can read the whole list here, which includes many other memorable moments from 2011.

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