Kate Gosselin—Andy Cohen Names Her ‘Jackhole of the Day’

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Bravo exec and host Andy Cohen named Kate Gosselin the ‘Jackhole of the Day.’ Now, Andy—is that nice? What’s actually behind bestowing such a title on the former Kate Plus Eight reality show star?

According to a report from Technorati, Cohen named Gosselin the ‘Jackhole of the Day’ on his Bravo show Watch What Happens on Thursday evening. The reason he chose Kate to be the day’s jackhole is because she will soon be “inviting people to spend thousands of dollars to go on a cruise with her so she can run around the ship yelling at other people’s kids.”

Kate Gosselin for PresidentAnd that sounds just about right—doesn’t it? The notion of Kate hosting a cruise has crossed nearly every media outlet on the internet, TV, and even carrier pigeon in some remote parts of the world, and once people receive the frightening news, their very first question is always, “Why?”

Kate Gosselin wasn’t known as a pleasant person in the least when she starred in both Jon & Kate Plus 8 or Kate Plus Eight. She was known for being uptight, ridiculously strict with both her husband and kids, and possessing practically no sense of humor whatsoever. Does that sound likeAndy Cohen the kind of person you want in your presence while you’re on a cruise? For goodness’ sake, it would be better to have Kathie Lee Gifford back in the cruise hosting business, singing You Are My Sunshine and doing bad dance numbers—at least she’s a genuinely pleasant human being!

It’s true, however, that now you can plan to take a cruise with Kate some time next summer. Will she have passengers scrubbing the deck when they piss her off or kids locked inside maintenance closets when they make messes during arts and crafts time? It sounds like an absolute horror story all the way around.

Bravo to Bravo executive and host of Watch What Happens—Andy Cohen—for naming Kate Gosselin his ‘Jackhole of the Day.’ But truly, Andy, the next time you award a ‘Jackhole’ moniker, it really needs to be the cruiseline itself. After all, what the heck are they thinking?

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