Kate Gosselin Anticipating ‘Strip at Night’ Marathon

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Kate Gosselin is starting to get a bit nervous about competing in her first big marathon! The mom of eight has been running for the past few years as a form of exercise and a way to blow off steam, but she’s taking things to the next level!
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As with most people who are trying to achieve a new goal, there are tons of questions like, “can I do this?” that start to creep up as the date draws closer. Kate is no different, and while she will do great, she shares the same fears as many others.

“Yes! I’ll be there! Scared to death! Can I do it? I gotta prove I’m able—to myself!” Kate tweeted to a fan. The marathon is called Strip At Night and is on December 4. The race offers both a half-marathon and a full one, but it’s uncertain which one Kate has chosen. Either way, it sounds like it’s going to be so much fun, and Kate is going to do great!

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