Kate Gosselin…As Barbie? Kids Toy Pointed Out By Gosselin Girls

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Kate Gosselin has come a long, long way since she started out on reality TV years ago. The now single mom of eight had quite the transformation and now it seems her kids think she resembles a certain children’s toy with her blonde hair and slim figure.

Kate tweeted out a message that made her laugh. She obviously wanted to share the moment with her fans (maybe even to see if they agree or disagree with her girls!)

Here’s what Kate said :

“Omg my girls just showed me and said ‘this is you mommy in Barbie form!’ Gotta say I LOVE her look!

Does Kate Gosselin look like a barbie doll? Well, sort of. She definitely doesn’t look at all like herself, or at least the way people remember her when she first appeared on TLC. She had darker, shorter hair and was pregnant with eight kids. After all of that, she definitely deserves to look — and even live — like barbie if she wants!

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