Kate Gosselin Asked on a Date by Military Man

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Kate Gosselin has received a ton of different messages on Twitter but none more flattering than the marriage proposals! Sure, they can be creepy, but it has to make Kate feel good that she is desired and that someone out there wants to be with her.

The mom of eight was asked out on a date by a man named Chris, who just got back from Iraq, serving in the U.S. military. “I just got home from IRAQ. Since you won’t marry me, will you join me for a Flyers playoff game?” Chris asked Kate. “You said the ‘m’ word, yikes! Home from serving our country? How can I say no?! Hmm email me,” Kate responded.

It sounds like Kate Gosselin is definitely interested in taking Chris up on his offer and she may end up accompanying him on a “date.” In his picture he does look fairly handsome so maybe there would actually be a spark between them! Even still, Kate really needs to be careful if she decides to meet up with Chris… this is the internet after all. Do you think they’ll end up going out together?

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