Kate Gosselin Back on a Health Kick?

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Is Kate Gosselin back on a health kick for the weekend? Wasn’t it just last week that she stuffed her face full of free/gifted sweets while she watched a movie with her kids? Well it looks like Kate is back on the wagon so to speak.

“…laugh all you want at my huge plate of (healthy) food..just ran 12 miles and I’m starving! :),” tweeted Kate on Friday evening. What accompanied the Twitter post was a rather reasonable plate of mostly veggies and an omelet. Actually, what is funny about this tweet is that Kate Gosselin realizes that people are laughing at her. Okay, so she thinks that they are laughing at her food. Rather people get a chuckle out how she insists on sharing basically her entire running and food journal with the world.

Somehow, whatever it is that Kate Gosselin tweets lately is the opposite of a “humble brag.” No. It is just to brag. Take for instance the follow-up tweet, just in case you didn’t recognize the food in the picture:

“My dinner (pic I tweeted earlier): egg wh omelet w mush,spinach, tomatoes, onion, feta. Also, snap peas w hummus, avocado, and salsa! Yum!” Do people actually care what Kate had for dinner tonight? She seems to think so! Tweets like these from Kate are surely not ending soon.

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