Kate Gosselin Being Sued by Jon Gosselin’s Ex?

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It’s probably true. Jon Gosselin’s ex, Hailey Glassman, is suing Kate Gosselin for exposing some of Glassman’s private text messages. The messages prove Jon was plotting to steal information from Kate’s computer to give to author Robert Hoffman.

Kate GosselinAccording to a report from RadarOnline, this entire fiasco is becoming quite the tangled web. James McGibney is suing Kate’s alleged bullies and also promised to get to the bottom of Jon Gosselin’s involvement with Robert Hoffman. He’s the author that wrote the e-book about Kate that was for sale for just two days before Amazon.com took it down. It painted Kate as a child and animal abuser and was clearly written to destroy her life.

Now Hailey Glassman is jumping on the lawsuit bandwagon–probably to get some money from someone–if anyone ever winds up paying. By the time the trail trickles down to whomever actually deserves the dough, there likely won’t be ten cents left!

Robert Hoffman claims the text messages that show Jon Gosselin was providing him with information about Kate are fake. Hailey Glassman, however, claims they’re real and they’re her private property. She says they were pulled from a 2009 Verizon account and now she’s suing because they should have remained private.

Meanwhile, if Kate Gosselin can unscramble the insanity that’s presently invading her life, she will no doubt realize that she might have been much better off just leaving the whole sordid deal alone. Not only will it probably not wind up proving lucrative for her, but now her kids are plenty old enough to know what’s going on, and they’re no doubt reading about these scandals online.

Are you able to keep all of this foolishness straight?

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