Kate Gosselin Blames Jon Gosselin for Tell-All Book

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Kate Gosselin wants ex-hubby and father of her eight children, Jon Gosselin, to go to jail. She believes he is very much responsible for the tell-all book written by Robert Hoffman that was destined to ruin her life.

Kate GosselinAccording to a report from RadarOnline, Kate has been working for months to put together a case that lands Jon Gosselin in court as a result. That suit could prevent him from spending time with the couple’s children and could even land him in jail.

“Jon was notified recently of Kate’s intentions to file a lawsuit against him, but the whole thing is ridiculous,” a source close to Jon Gosselin explains.

It seems no lawyers so far are the least bit interested in touching Kate’s case.

“Kate has been shopping her lawsuit around to various law firms, but no one is interested in taking her on because she has no actual evidence to support her case!” the source says.

Kate is still convinced–as she was last fall when Hoffman’s book hit the internet in e-format (it never made it to book store shelves) that Jon Gosselin provided Hoffman with the hard drive from which he accessed her private journals–using them as fodder for his book. It sort of sounds like she’s beyond desperate–doesn’t it? It appears like she’s also unwilling to let last fall’s debacle go. Is anyone even talking about Robert Hoffman’s book these days? No!

“Kate is desperate to find witnesses who will take the stand and testify against Jon,” the source says. “But so far she’s having no luck. Anyone Kate has approached is hesitant because they don’t really want to be attached to the Gosselin name and in turn be dragged through the mud themselves.”

Jon Gosselin is well aware of what Kate is doing, and it doesn’t really surprise him in the least. He figures she’s panicking still–even if the book is no longer news–about the public finding out some of her deep, dark secrets–fearing it will tarnish what she perceives is her image as a good mom.

Doesn’t Kate know that: A.) No one really cares any more, and B.) most already equate her with a washed up former reality star? She appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap, for goodness sake!

Alas Kate Gosselin won’t be happy if she’s not pointing fingers at Jon Gosselin, so this is her latest way to fuel that need. Do you think she’ll ever get a law firm to take her case against Jon? Will Kate one day relish the sight of Jon Gosselin in prison garb?

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