Kate Gosselin Blind Sided by Cruise Cancellation?

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When the Kate Gosselin cruise was first announced, many people thought it was a joke. While celebrity cruises are not a new thing, Kate isn’t exactly a celebrity anymore, so it wasn’t a huge shock when it was announced that the cruise was cancelled. However, there are still a lot of questions surrounding the cancellation.

First, the website still has a link to the Kate cruise, but once clicked, it leads to a dead page. Then, there is the tidbit that the Twitter set up solely for advertising the cruise failed to release the information until some started to inquire. Of course, most curious is the fact that Kate Gosselin herself has not yet spoken out about the cancellation. The promotional Twitter was advertising the cruise just days before the cancellation announcement was made, so was perhaps Kate Gosselin blind sided by the news?

There are reports that Kate will be personally contacting those who had purchased tickets, but that seems like a long shot, depending on how many tickets were actually sold. While she has stayed quiet on the cruise matter, she has been tweeting about other things and even took the time to call out her “haters,” who were seemingly elated by the cancellation news.

Kate tweeted, “GN my fans, supporters and even those of u who insist u don’t like me but continue2hang on my every word&deed..ur all true fans, thanks!XO.”

Why do you think Kate has been quiet about the cruise news? Do you think she was blindsided, or did she see it coming as well?

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