Kate Gosselin blogs about kids’ lunches

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Kate Gosselin is sharing what her kids ate for lunch today on her blog. The former reality star previously said that she was going to write about what her children were eating at school, and today she did just that.
Lunch boxes
“Guacamole and chips, organic salted sunflower seeds, celery sticks, a red plum (yum!), organic yogurt with non-organic sprinkles (yes, it livens up vanilla yogurt!), a homemade M&M chocolate chip cookie, a bottle of Juicy Juice and a little box of raisins!” Kate wrote.

So much for peanut butter and fluff sandwiches! This is certainly a well-balanced meal that will keep those growing eight feeling full! Sometimes when kids eat too much sugary foods they feel hungry shortly after eating. It’s great that Kate puts together something like this that is both satisfying and yummy! The Gosselins will not have to deal with childhood obesity and they are learning good eating habits. You can’t knock Kate for that! They even get an M&M cookie!

The thing with this stuff is that you kind of have to start off when your kids are young. If you begin feeding them junk food and a lot of breads, they aren’t going to be satisfied with yogurt and fruit.

Check Kate’s website now and for more nutritious lunch ideas!

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