Kate Gosselin Caught Being Trashy by Paparazzi

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Kate Gosselin was caught by paparazzi cameras in a very trashy situation this past weekend. Wouldn’t you think the Kate Plus Eight star would realize she is constantly in the public eye?

According to a report from Celebrity Gossip, Kate knew she was being photographed while she was being trashy. She even smiled in the direction of the cameras as she took out the trash at her Pennsylvania home.

Can you imagine being photographed while taking out the trash? Furthermore, can you imagine the fact that Kate Gosselin takes out her trash is even remotely worthy of being photographed? For goodness sake, is nothing in this world beyond the realm of the paparazzi cameras?

Kate Gosselin had best get used to the barrage of cameras, because once the new season of Kate Plus Eight premieres–which will be next week, it is likely that the paparazzi attention will only multiply. Now let’s see–what sort of fascinating topics might the paparazzi cover then? Perhaps a headline will emerge telling the world what kind of toilet paper the Gosselin family uses. Or maybe fans will become privy to what they’re eating for dinner on Tuesday evening.

If you simply can’t control your curiosity, and are waiting eagerly to learn how Kate Gosselin was dressed while taking out her trash, you’re in for some major disappointment. Kate wore a sweatsuit, sunglasses, and windblown hair. She appeared sans makeup and not at all prepared for her fans.

At the very least it’s good to learn that this small part of Kate Gosselin is truly human. No heels or makeup while doing trash duty is a definite step toward normalcy.

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