Kate Gosselin Celebrates 37th Birthday This Week

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Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus Eight and Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame will celebrate her 37th birthday this week. The mom of eight will turn 37 on Wednesday, March 28th. How do you suppose she’ll celebrate?

According to a report from Philly.com, fans might celebrate by recalling their fonder moments of Kate’s time as a reality TV star.

Some of the highlights of Kate on TV include making sandwiches en masse. It seems sKate Gosselin for Presidenthe was always feeding her eight children and usually yelling at them at the very same time.

Kate always seemed like she was en route to get a pedicure, too. No matter what was going on with Jon or the kids, when her toes needed painting, off to the salon she’d go.

Something that is well worth celebrating to this day is the transformation Kate Gosselin made from that awful spiked hairdo–you know, the one that always looked from behind like she’d just crawled out of bed–to the sleeker and smoother style she wears today.

Hopefully Kate will spend her birthday on Wednesday celebrating with her children. They’ll probably make cards and some homemade presents. Kate, of course, will likely feign interest and elaborate over the painstaking details each craft entailed. (She’ll secretly be wishing she could run out the door for yet another pedicure, but now that she’s supposedly broke, does she even get them any more?)

In addition to what Kate receives from her children will be an abundance of birthday wishes from her Twitter fans and subscribers to her website KatePlusMy8. In their eyes Kate Gosselin is a rock god–someone who achieves things they can only dream of.

What do you think will happy on the day those people wake up and realize Kate has more or less exploited her children, and now that she can no longer do so she’s drumming up ways to use her fast-dwindling fame to make some much-needed cash? They’ll disappear.

Do you think one day people will see Kate working somewhere like IHOP or Walmart? You know, that might not have been a bad idea in lieu of the Coupon Cabin blogging site. At the very least, Kate could have received free pancakes this Wednesday on her birthday. Oh, well–maybe next year.

Happy birthday, Kate!

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