Kate Gosselin Compares Kids to Von Trapp Family!

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Does Kate Gosselin really think that her kids are that famous? With her children all singing before dinner, Kate offered up an interesting question (and not cook dinner). She tweeted about whether people bother to Google the names of her children.

Kate made sure to let all her twitter followers know that her little angels were singing. Gosselin tweeted, “My kids are waiting for dinner… all 8 singing octaves together… Are we the next Von Trap family? Are our hills alive with the Sound of Music?”

Of course, it wasn’t long before Kate Gosselin tweeted a comment about the musical abilities of her children. “..if you heard the sound of music my kids are making, you would surely say ‘NO WAY!'” This begs the question whether she means “no way” as in they would never stand a chance, or not?

The next thing you know, Kate Gosselin is comparing her eight children to the Von Trapp kids (at least the version depicted in the musical). Having watched the movie several times, she and her kids could only come up with the names of five of the children. This made her then wonder about the fame of her own children.

“All these lists of Von Trapp kids makes me wonder…” tweeted Kate. “Do people also try to recall all Gosselin kids and google the ones they forgot? Hmmmm..”

Hmmm is right. Just because her children were on a reality television show doesn’t mean that everyone can name them or even wants to take the time to Google their names. The quick and easy answer for Kate on that question is “highly doubtful.”

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