Kate Gosselin: Cookies for Everyone!

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Kate Gosselin leads a really busy life. Between raising eight kids, a running career, and Twitter, who has time for anything else? Well, Kate did over the weekend, filling her day with baking and laundry. It is the holiday season, so what better thing to bake than Christmas cookies, right?

On Sunday, Kate took to Twitter to brag about her baking prowess. Not only did she bake a ton of cookies, but she cleaned, ran, did laundry, and still had the energy to tweet. Kate Gosselin tweeted, “I’m tired guys! Besides baking 287 cookies,I cleaned baseboards &under stove/dishwasher,ran 35 min, and did 6 loads of laundry today..lol GN”

Seriously? 287 cookies? Counting 8 kids and one adult, that is 31 cookies per person with 8 extras (presumably for Santa). With Christmas 15 days away (from this past Sunday) that is two cookies per day, with an extra for Christmas eve. Talk about a sugar rush. It will not be surprising when Kate gets on Twitter in a few days complaining that her kids are bouncing off the walls thanks to all of these baked goodies. Hopefully some of these cookies are being given away as gifts or taken to school for a class party.

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