Kate Gosselin Cruise Adds New Rates, Selling Well?

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The Kate Gosselin Cruise. Many jokes have been made, but the truth is, this is a very real thing. In fact, it may be doing better than anyone could have ever imagined.

The prices for the cruise are pretty steep with the website listing the cheapest double occupancy rate at $1900. Despite the price, response has been surprisingly good and E! Online reports that this has caused the cruise to add some new rates. They spoke with the president of Luxury Cruises and Tours who said:

“When we first put up our Web site, we were thinking we would get mostly families. But then we started getting a lot of enquiries about singles. So just yesterday afternoon we put up a single rate, and we hadn’t even had that [planned].”

The exact number of cabins that have been booked is not known, as the company would not say, but they did tell E!, “We are getting so many calls, so many emails.”

While Kate may not appeal to everyone, mothers often take a liking to her as they are able to relate. She often chats with her fans on Twitter and as a result, they feel a closeness to her that they may not get from another celebrity mom. It really isn’t that surprising that her dedicated fans are willing to spend their savings to cruise with Kate.

The idea of cruising with Kate Gosselin doesn’t appeal to you? No problem, a Paula Deen cruise is also offered, despite rumors that the celebrity chef reportedly has Type II Diabetes.

Would you rather cruise with Kate Gosselin or Paula Deen?

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